We are Dramali, an International Afro beat-Jazz band from the Netherlands. We are a melting pot of cultures that are expressed and reflected in our music… swinging, versatile and catchy. A combination that goes well together. The band is formed around the Malian musician/singer all-around Dra Diarra. Dra forged a part of his early career together with the today’s Grammy awards artists such as Angelique Kidjo, Jasper van ‘t Hof, Izaline Calister and many more [Pili-Pili Band]. Also in other world-class bands such as the Railband (with Salif Keita) and Zani Diabate’s Super Diataband. Dra plays a seductive Malian instrument ‘Ngoni pentatonics’ with worldwide influences’, often compered to a western Harp.  The rhythm section and the back vocals will be carried by top professional artists with conservatory level, also well known on the Dutch scene, such as Benson Itoe (bass), Claude Ciza (Drums), Hiske Oosterwijk(vocal), Remko Wind (piano/keys), Albert Holthoon (El.Guitar).

Dramali is a Band where you will keep coming back. We play a swinging jazz afro-beat, with a major Malian influences … and with a funky groove and lots of space for improvisation. Freedom is in our blood and you hear that in our music.
Our music is characterized by the Ngoni with charming lines, a driving rhythm section, playful and reviving: The charming voices, the interaction with the audience and the enthusiasm of the musicians do the rest .

In the past years, in addition to small festivals, standard podiums or clubs, moving from the final of the PopRonde Netherlands,  we played with great success at, among others, Swingin’Groningen Festival, Noorderzon Festival, EUROSONIC Noorderslag, Into The Woods Festival and many more. Dramali remains among the top professional bands with a huge demands for festivals throughout the country and abroad.

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“Dramali, swingend, veelzijdig en aanstekelijk. En dat gewoon uit onze eigen stad. Zoiets heb je nog niet vaak gehoord”  – BevrijdingsFestival Groningen

“..charming vocals and abundant interaction with the audience. The shows present a real cultural melting pot. Swinging, multifaceted, and catchy”  – Eurosonic Noorderslag


  • Benson Enowben Itoe – Bass

  • Albert van Holthoon – El. Guitar (extra info, see dna-music)



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